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A transformative experience that inspires the imagination and shows what is possible through creativity

As consumer demand for a more elevated experience has been steadily growing over the last decade, I’ve constantly been researching a solution which provides GenZs and Millenials with a transformative experience that inspires the imagination and shows what is possible through creativity. From here, my profound love and passion for art, culture and technology, surely played a major role in understanding the inner essence and vision of a cultural retail destination.

K11 MUSEA, the Silicon Valley of Culture that is reshaping Hong Kong’s waterfront culture, is a revolutionary museum retail concept in which every brand, product, story and customer journey is curated. My vision is to reinvigorate the Victoria Dockside district with 100 creative powers and by continuing on our mission of incubating local and global creative talent.

Democratization of the arts, incubation of promising talents and catapulting new technology to the forefront is what makes this museum retail concept revolutionary.

With an extraordinary focus on data insight, retail partnership and customer service, we created a disruptive retail model which curates the most exquisite experiences by integrating breakthrough customer experience ideas and new design approaches in order to transform shopping into a truly immersive activity that delivers refreshing new journeys for the next generation of customers.

K11 Musea Round 2-10
K11 Musea Round 2-31
K11 Musea Oct-167

What we provide goes beyond just retail, we aim to build an urban ecosystem where people work, live, shop, play, eat and dream in one inspiring and integrated hub in some of the world's most exciting cities.

One of the main challenges as a next generation CEO is not only to identify trends, but also to display them to a global audience. When it comes to art, culture and technology, K11 MUSEA plays the main role as a hub where the next generation can  appreciate aesthetics and feel inspired and empowered by our exhibitions. It’s only when inspiration is nurtured that talent can flourish. 

Now, immerse yourself in The Silicon Valley of Culture ...


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