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An Artisanal Home for tomorrow's creatives to live a salon lifestyle

I imagined a living space where art and craftmanship are brought together to redesign an artisanal lifestyle, a place which is inextricably linked to the philosophy and ethos of the K11 brand. A place which is more than just a living space, rather an experience with genuine, substantive inspiration at its core. This was the starting point for K11 ARTUS.

K11 ARTUS is Asia’s first artisanal living concept with comprehensive residential services that has been built with tomorrow’s cultural creatives in mind. As from its portmanteau combining the English word ‘Art’ with the Latin term ‘Domus’ meaning home, it’s designed as an inspiring ‘art home’ for intellectuals and worldly travellers with shared tastes in art, culture, creativity and literature.

In line with my mission of preserving the fast-disappearing Chinese craftmanship, K11 ARTUS works with the K11 Craft & Guild Foundation which shares our mission to preserve culture and ancient craftmanship. Together, we empower a small group of craftsmen and we bring their artisanal creations into the residences. This is how ARTUS creates a unique environment for intellectual discovery and cultural exchanges.


Find yourself immersed in an environment that inspires provoking thoughts and the exchanging of ideas.


ARTUS is artisanal living re-imagined.


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