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Merging Commerce & Creativity to Create A New World.

Culture. Technology. Social Innovation.

This is my personal journal where I share my inspirations and projects that I’m working on and some of my views on latest trends in the merging world of business and creativity.


It is my wish to empower and inspire the next generation, by leveraging AC Journal as an alternative medium to connect with millennials and Gen Z, and I hope you’ll be part of the conversation.



My vision is to reshape a New World by empowering the next generation through culture, sustainability and innovation. Only by doing this, we can truly connect business success with social progress.


2021 - MY YEAR

APRIL, 2021

State Theatre

The State Theatre returning as a new art landmark to create a cultural oasis for the next generation.

APRIL, 2021

Collaboration with Carine Roitfeld

Marking the start of my ongoing collaboration with Carine Roitfeld aiming to educate the next generation of young and digital-savvy consumers on precious age-old artisanship and showcase its importance.

JUNE, 2021

Jay Chou x Sotheby's

Bringing Jay Chou to K11 for an unprecedented celebration of contemporary art and launch of Sotheby's inaugural CONTEMPORARY CURATED.

JUNE, 2021

CASETiFY Investment

Eight-figure USD investment into CASETiFY to support growth strategy and bring the brand's creative culture to a wider audience. My C Ventures company becomes CASETiFY first external investor.

AUGUST, 2021

Launch of Circle HealthPod with Prenetics

Joining hands with Prenetics to launch the Circle HealthPod to positively impact healthcare consumption and allow millions of people to resume a normal life.


New World Build for Good

Founding a not-for-profit social housing enterprise that will conduct research in multiple directions and lead future pilot programmes as it seeks short to medium-term solutions, as well as long-term strategies, that will allow Hongkongers to own their own flats.

DECEMBER 9, 2021

Entering the Metaverse through The Sandbox

Expanding my commitment to disruptive technology by entering the metaverse and bringing successful GBA start-ups to life in The Sandbox through my personal investment.

DECEMBER 10 & 13, 2021

Savoir-Faire Exhibition and K11 Night

Hosting the most dazzling event of the year and the opening gala for Savoir-Faire: The Mastery of Craft in Fashion and start of the Asia's first multi-brands exhibition.



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