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Experiential marketing  and customer centric strategy to make K11 MUSEA a cultural hub and create emotional attachment

These days if you want to grow sales, there is no fancy trick but to understand your customers very well.

People’s thinking changed after the pandemics, they look after for something that comfort their heart, while bringing meaningful experiences. These are the young people, millennials and GenZs. They are value-driven people who value high-quality bespoke and tailored products, invest in themselves and care about sustainability.

At K11, we effectively capture the attention and build long-term, loyal relationships with them, by offering not only shopping , but meaningful and bespoke experiences, making K11 MUSEA a place full of social innovations and creativity.

For example, we have Arts & Culture Centre, a “floating museum” showcasing 40+ international artworks. We also have Nature Discovery Park, Hong Kong’s first sustainability education park and urban biodiversity museum.

We established ourselves not just a place that visitors go to shop, but rather a dynamic hub where culture and community comes alive when it’s needed most by consumers.

On the other hand, health and safety has become more important than ever, that’s why we give our customers full guarantee that they can enjoy our destination safely, by putting our own creative facemask vending machine on site for people’s easy access.

These meaningful experiences we create for them in K11 MUSEA  has resulted in a higher rate of footfall activity and sales success amid the pandemic.

In line with this, the close interaction we have with our customers is a two-way communication. Being close to them allows us to better understand them and provide them what they need, which in turns leads to a higher customer satisfaction and lastly to outperform our sales figures.

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