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My mission is to create, and orchestrate our creativity and social innovation for the next generation. Only by doing so can we truly connect business success with social progress.

Hi, I'm Adrian, CEO of New World Development, an integrated lifestyle developer that provides an ecosystem of consumer services spanning across cultural retail, innovative healthcare, hospitality and many more...


I believe that everyone is an artisan at heart, and that creativity is our natural state. Yet in the age of machines and technology, we have seen the influence of art and culture diminished amid rapid commercial development.


I want the next generation to inherit a world that promotes innovation and creativity, where young creative talents can thrive, and people have developed a deep appreciation of culture in society.


Inspired by this vision, I set out to start a new type of company, one focused on enriching the everyday lives of consumers through the power of creativity, culture, and innovation.

And that is when The Artisanal Movement was born.

Launched in 2019, Victoria Dockside is the flagship project that underpins the Artisanal Movement in which art and culture is fully infused in the design and articulation of our premises, including K11 MUSEA and K11 ARTUS.

Here is an overview of the 10-year project that transformed Hong Kong’s iconic harbourfront into a global cultural landmark.


I also believe that corporate success is inseparable from social progress. Having this in mind, we sought out to become the first Hong Kong-listed company to incorporate the philosophy of CSV (“Creating Shared Value”) into our business ethos and mission.


This marks the second initiation of The Artisanal Movement in which we leverage our creativity as a force for good, empowering the next generation in the years to come.

To date, we have focused on creating shared values through the following social innovations.

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